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Q & A's
Q. What are A sizes Q. how big is a website Q: what are
'A' paper sizes are the standard sheet sizes for most business printing such as brochures and stationery
A3 297x420mm
A4 210x297mm
A5 148x210
A6 105x158
business cards are normally 85x55mm and the DL envelope is 220x110mm
Web sites are based on a browsers minimum viewing size say 800x600 pixels about 190x140mm
notes  Q. how long does it take Q. what are web colours
  A. for a web site        
develop in stages, approval of one stage enables the next. This one took 8 weeks, a big store with a web database and card payments allow 6 months, enterprise business applications 2 years
  - what do you want to do
- how do you want to do it
- collect all the content
- interface design
- content management
- code
- search optimisation
- hosting
- security
- test
- implement
- maintanance
- monitoring
- amendments
A. for print        
a basic identity; logo, stationery, brochure, allow 8 weeks, a retail brand with sign, stationery, labels, bags and a catlogue 4 months. Always see a proof (you can't change content later) and allow three weeks to print  
- what do you want to do
- how do you want to do it
- collect all the content
- design layout
- approval
- artwork preparation
- platemaking (not digital print)
- proofing (vital)
- printing
- delivery
- mailing
- distribution
logo, logos, logotype   Q. what is a logotype A. a logotype is the letters abbreviated from the name of a business that a designer has made into a graphic device, like the RR or IBM logos
  Q. what is a symbol A. a symbol is a graphic shape that a designer has created for a business
  Q. what is a brand name A. a brand name is created for a product to differentiate it from similar products in the marketplace. see words
  Q. what is a strap line A. a strap line sits below your logo and can describe your business activity 'chair makers' or it can make a value statement 'long lasting comfort'. see words
  Q. what is corporate identity A. the design of a businesses visual presentation, its signage, uniforms, stationery and the branding of print and website
  Q. what is a retail identity A. the design of a shops visual presentation, its packaging, signage, stationery and the branding of advertising
  Q. what is a basic identity set A. the design of a logo or symbol and its application to letterhead, compliment slip, business card, post label and envelope
  Q. how do I choose a designer A. all designers have their own style, some are specialists, annual reports, packaging, others apply their design skills to any graphic design problem.
  Q. what does it cost A. bespoke design is tailored to your business its not of-the-shelf. The cost of a big corporate identity is in the implementation, and those costs can be kept down by implementing in stages.
If you have a design
question please ask.
  Q. how long will it last A. a new identity should give you 5 years life before it needs to be adjusted, maybe just a colour change, but print, brochures and the like need to be redone every two years to keep the information and its presentation fresh
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