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Design for web Internet WWW
Sue Palmer, artist, needed a site that kept people informed of her exhibitions as well as show examples of her current work

American Retro is a London retail outlet selling a variety of products, they needed an on-line preview for mail order customers

Entry level websites, investments in change.
A first step toward Content Management, Customer Relationship and Enterprise solutions
America is a photographers portfolio of 70's black and white photographs requiring an index and simple purchase form

Gallions Reach dental clinic is a specialised dental clinic, they needed dentists to register with them and be able to refer patients online

web developer?
need design elements, graphics, diagrams?
Skyemanagement are agents for the music profession, they needed a simple business site with info and contact details updated monthly with news

The Electric Soft Parade wanted a site that followed the changing presentation of the band and provided gig and merchandise info


Why didn't we link all the sites? Because the audience for this site is not the audience for these other sites, unwelcome traffic, clicking about all over the place, no.
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