Born in London 1948 Mervyn went to America in 1976.
"in the mornings I would collect fresh film, take pictures all day and at night drop the film in for process, next morning I would pick up the contacts, more fresh film and then back out on the streets, seeing America through a lens"
A unique archive of more than 2500 photographs.

He used a Nikkormat F2 35mm SLR with 28mm, 50mm and 135mm prime lenses running on Kodak TriX 400ASA black and white film, processed by Schaeffer Photorapid Lab, 1553 Cahvenga Blvd, Hollywood, contact sheets printed by David Rudkin Photography at 101 Turnmill St, London.

All the exhibition printing has been done by Danny Chau at Danny Chau Photolabs 17 Roseberry Avenue London EC1R 4SS who will also print orders received here.

"these photographs captures rare fragments of time, where you can linger, witness to past events"

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